Branded Counter Mats

New product on the way? Got retailers taking delivery soon? Then consider supplying their stock along with a fab printed counter mat to get your product on display at the shop or trade counter. Your product will be on view in full colour process in up to A2-size at the point of sale or purchase... allowing your product to be seen by the very customers you wish to target. This raises awareness of your brand and product to start off a potentially huge snowball marketing effect.

Why Consider Branded Counter Mats?

Despite pressure from online retailers, the high street is still preferred by the overwhelming majority of consumers. This means that in-store display products remain an extremely important way of raising awareness of your new products/ranges, your current offers and cross-selling opportunities around the store and, importantly, at the point of sale.

A branded counter mat or a counter mat in which you can display your own printed materials (complementing your current in-store displays) can be an effective way of raising the profile of your brand or products to a captive and relevant audience.

Raising awareness is all about repeat brand impressions that resonate with your intended customer base and a custom counter mat on a busy sales counter will deliver that!

Check out our range of branded countermats below:

Branded Counter Mats
Branded Countermats
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