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Custom Counter Mats - FAQS

If you have any questions, hopefully you will find the answers here - if not, contact us and we'll do our best to answer you!

Do you have minimum order quantities for your counter mats?

Yes - the minimum order quantity (or m.o.q. for short) will depend on a number of factors:

A) the style of counter mat you want
B)the counter mat size and
C) The branding method (screen printing vs full colour/litho printing.
The m.o.q. varies from 100 mats to 500 mats.

Minimum order quantities are indicated on each counter mat page. With regret, we're unable to supply fewer than the minimum order quantities - shorter print runs on these mats are not feasible.

If you would like more information then please enquire.

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How do I prepare my countermats artwork?

If you're planning on submitting your own artwork, you can download a template for the counter mat size you want on the specific page for that counter mat style. Then you should head over to our guide to preparing artwork here. Our prefered artwork file types are AI (Adobe Illustrator), EPS (encapsulated postscript) or PDF file. In all cases, artwork should be in the correct colour format (CMYK for full colour printed mats (litho or digital) and RGB colour format with Pantone references supplied for screen printed mats). Please note that we CANNOT accept artwork in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Publisher or Excel file formats.

We can also help to assemble your artwork ready for production if you provide the high-res images, logos, fonts etc., together with a detailed brief of how it is to be laid out). When we bring RGB image files such as jpegs into a CMYK colour format, there will sometimes be a shift in colour tone that you need to be aware of. This is also true if you were to provide full colour mousemat artwork in RGB colour format - our studio would need to convert this to CMYK format which will sometimes cause a colour shift. The only way around this is to be sure you submit artwork in the correct colour format and you are happy with it. However, you should remember that what you see on screen and what you see in print can be TOTALLY different so please do not try to equate the two.

Please also note that while we do not normally charge for artwork assistance as part of an order, we do reserve the right to charge for artwork assistance if an order is cancelled for any reason after we have produced any artwork for you. In these circumstances customers will be charged at a rate of £60.00 (ex-VAT) per hour or part thereof with a surcharge of £15.00 (ex-VAT) per amendment to artwork.

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Delivery options

Delivery to single UK mainland addresses is free of charge, excluding more remote locations such as the Highlands and Islands. There will be a delivery charge on orders to be shipped to such locations, non-mainland UK and Europe.

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Payment is required before we proceed with any work on your order (including artwork assistance). Our prefered payment method is by BACS/Faster Payments but we can accept cheques (payable to Acoo Review Ltd.) and debit/credit cards - details will appear on your invoice.

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Do I get a proof?

After your order is finalised and you have provided or approved our provisional artwork, you will receive a PDF proof for final approval before mass production gets underway. This is normally within 1-2 working days of provisional artwork approval but may take longer during busy periods. This proof is to allow you to check the layout/positioning/content of your countermats and is not intended as a match for colour (on screen colours do not always match printed colours). Colours may also vary from full colour print run to print run so even repeat orders may not always be an exact match.

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Can I have a custom sample made?

We are happy to supply generic samples of the counter mat style you're interested in (and encourage this before you order to avoid any unwelcome surprises - although we do send out mouse mat sized samples for practicality) but we don't normally provide a pre-production sample of your design. If you require a pre-production sample there is a non-refundable setup and production charge, depending on your design and choice of countermat (this may be upwards of £100.00 + VAT depending on the type of counter mat style that you want. Pre-production samples of "Lite" counermats or custom-shaped mats cannot be supplied due to the high setup costs involved.

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How long will my order take?

From confirming your order and supply of provisional artwork (or our assistance to produce provisional artwork), a PDF proof will take 1-3 days to turn around. Once approved, mass production will get underway - your finished mats will be delivered within 10-15 working days of PDF proof approval. Exact production times will depend on how busy the production schedule is at the time you place an order and also on the style of counter mat you choose.

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Can you give me a quote?

Prices are clearly displayed on our website for both full colour and screen printed (where available) counter mats. If you're unsure if your design is full colour or not, we'd be happy to take a look at it for you and provide you with a direct quote. All you need to do is tell us which mat you're looking for, the quantity required (noting the minimum order quantities indicated on the specific counter mat page for the mat you want). Please call or email and we will respond directly.
As a simple rule of thumb, if your design has any colour shading effects (even if it's just shades of grey) or any photos, then you will need full colour printing.

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How much is setup and origination?

We don't charge anything extra for setup and origination. Prices displayed on our website are inclusive of this.

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These counter mats will be used as desk mats - will they work with a computer mouse?

All mats featured on are "optical mouse friendly". In other words, they are suitable for use with most optical LED mice as well as the traditional ball mouse.

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Can you supply custom-shaped mousemats?

Yes but please note that a tooling charge and a minimum order quantity (250+) will apply. Unit prices shown on our counter mat product pages will not apply for custom shaped/sized countermats. You should contact us for more information or a quote. Custom-shapes are recommended only for hardtop mouse mats as tooling charges for Welded/Tough Mats will be significantly higher than for Hardtop mouse mats due to the nature of the cutting tools required.

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Are there product limitations and recommendations?

Counter Mats: As discussed above - although all counter mats featured on are suitable for use as desk mats (being "optical mouse friendly"), occasionally, certain types of optical mice (notably some laser mice and some mice used with Apple computers) may experience tracking problems. Please ask for samples beforehand if you have any doubts (we send out mousemat sized samples for practicality).

Overs/Unders: Occasionally there will be a shortfall on quantities due to spoilage/rejections by Quality Control - this is known as an "under". If this happens you will normally be credited for any shortfall. By contrast, where more mats than required pass quality control, this is known as an "over". You will not normally be charged for overs. Please note that for urgent orders shipped directly from the factory, we may not know the extent of overs/unders until after delivery. To read more on this, you may find this blog post of interest.

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Please have a browse around our site, we look forward to receiving your order. For more information please contact us.