How to Order Your Lovely Printed Counter Mats

We try to keep the custom countermats ordering process as simple as possible but there are a few stages that we need to work through with you:

1Browse our Site for Your Perfect Counter Mat

Please have a look around our website at the different mat styles we offer and the sizes and print styles these mats are available in (e.g. screen printed mats are for designs with between 1 and 4 solid (spot) print colours, so are NOT suitable for designs with colour gradients and/or photos).

Note that minimum order quantities do apply and will differ from mat style to mat style.

We keep a limited number of samples of most mat styles that we can send out to genuine customers on request (to valid UK business addresses) but please note that we only send out equivalent mouse mat sized samples for practicality.

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2Get in Touch for a Quote

You should contact us in the first instance to discuss your requirements. If you can email us a copy of your preliminary design (doesn't have to be formal artwork at this stage, this is just to help us quote correctly) together with the counter mat style you want, the quantity required, and the delivery postcode, we can provide an accurate quote for you.

Please note that we will not hassle you after this - as far as we're concerned, the ball is in your court and will stay there until you hit it back to us! We will sometimes follow up just to confirm you have received our quote but there will be no pressure at all so you can enquire with confidence (we hate dealing with pushy salespeople as well!).

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3Confirm Your Order

If you want to go ahead, simply reply back to our quote with your full address details for invoicing (proforma) plus the delivery address, if different. We need your confirmation in writing (email is fine). Invoices are sent via email and can be paid by card, BACS or cheque (although you should allow time for your payment method to clear).

Orders must be completed and paid for before we proceed with artwork assistance.

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4Provisional Artwork

If you're supplying your own artwork:

You will find templates available to download on each specific counter mat page for the size of mat you have ordered (A4, A3 or A2 (not all mats are available in A4 or A2 - please check the webpage for the counter mat you're interested in)). The studio team will check it and will confirm if there are any issues that need to be addressed.

As long as the file size is 20 megabytes or less, artwork can be sent by email. Please name your artwork with your company and order number (simply calling it something like "countermat.pdf" causes a lot of confusion around here!) and attach it to an email as long as the file size is under 15 megabytes. Alternatively, you can either:
A. use Dropbox and paste the file download link into your email or
B. send on a CD/DVD or
C. use a free file transfer service such as At the time of writing, allows you to send single files up to 250meg free of charge if you sign up to their Lite account.

If you want us to assemble your artwork:

We need your logo, high-resolution files (300ppi minimum at 100% of the image size as it is to be on your counter mats), font files if non-standard fonts are to be used plus a detailed brief of how you want ALL ITEMS to be laid out. Important: if there are to be blocks of text, you must provide this text correctly formatted and punctuated in a text file or email (sentencase, uppercase or lowercase as you like). We will simply be copying, pasting and changing text to the correct font - we will not be checking/correcting the text content as that responsibility lies with you.

We will send our provisional artwork to you - we need you to approve this in writing (email) before it can be used in formal proofing (the next step). Please note that it is far easier to make artwork changes at this stage than it is to make them at the next stage.

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5Formal Proof Approval

If you supplied your own artwork:

If you have sent your own artwork that has been assessed by our studio and is fine to use, we will pass it to the production team for formal proofing (this takes 1-3 days). This PDF proof needs to be approved in writing (email) for production to then get underway.

If we assembled your artwork:

Once you've approved our artwork in writing, it will be sent to the production team for formal proofing which can take 1-3 days.

You will then be sent this PDF proof which you will need to approve in writing. If you notice any issues at this stage you can put in a change request - the first change and reproof will be free of charge but if further reproofs become necessary, we will be charged at a rate of £15.00 (ex-VAT) per reproof.

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